Photo tooling refers to the fabrication of PCB’s by means of a light sensitive film. The design of a PCB pattern is generated on a CAD/CAM station. The laser light of a high resolution photo plotter then writes that pattern on the film which then is chemically developed. As from then the film holds the pattern as a black image on a transparent back ground. That film is the photo tool. The photo tool is then used as a mask in an exposure unit. The UV light of the exposure unit copies the pattern to a photo resist laminated on a copper clad panel. After development of the photo resist the unwanted copper can be etched away. Agfa Materials offers both silver halide and diazo film. Silver halide film is available for all light wave lengths used in all photo plotters installed world wide. Daizo is only UV light sensitive and is available as clear or semi matt. All films are available in all sizes used in the PCB industry.