Separator Membranes

Agfa is offering Zirfon Perl, a polymeric reinforced flat sheet membrane for alkalyne water electrolysis. This is the result of the combination of Agfa-Gevaert's experience in the area of industrial coating processes and product development, and the knowledge of VITO in the area of polymer membranes and their various applications.

Zirfon Perl membranes - for use in alkaline Hydrogen production processes
Zirfon Perl, a membrane that has excellent functional abilities as a separator in the Alkaline Hydrogen Production process. The membranes are available as customized format sheets. The maximum format is 1.75 m x 1,75 m but larger sizes are possible upon request.

Brochure Zirfon Perl UTP 500 pdf (601 KB)

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Zirfon Perl Handling & Storage pdf (36 KB)