Industrial Foils

State-of-the-art PET film with high transparency as well as high-tech semi-finished materials for use in photographic products. Customer designed bases for various applications and specific functionalities.

Orgacon™ Electronic Materials

The Orgacon™ line covers a wide range of products designed for different applications as EL-lamps, Touch Pads, Touch Screens, Displays, etc. We produce coating solutions, printing pastas, as well as highly transparent conductive films. The Orgacon™ key properties are: Conductivity, transparency, printability, flexibility, cold- and thermo-formability, pattern ability.

Motion Pictures

Colour print film and pan/orth-chromatic B/W sound film for the professional Motion Picture Industry.

Aerial Photography

Black and White or color films, chemistry, photographic paper and software for airborne image capture for use in civil mapping and military strategic applications. Also photographic panchromatic glass plates for photogrammetry, archival dupe film, surveillance camera films and traffic infringement films.


Best medium for long term archiving up to 500 years, hard and software independent with international established standards and legal evidence.


Imaging solutions for the production of high density interconnect PCB's (printed circuit boards), encoders and for masks used by the chemical milling industry.

Security and Identity

PETix™ for Card manufacturing

Material for durable and high security card manufacturing

Coating Facilities

Agfa's coating facilities can apply multiple coating layers at one coating station, either single pass on both sides of the base or via two passes at the same side of the base, reducing production costs but resulting in a higher quality.

Agfa launches traffic and surveillance films

Agfa, which has already produced black & white traffic and surveillance films for third parties, will now market its traffic and surveillance film types under its own brand name.

New Business

Agfa Materials is developing several new businesses through targeted R&D investments, based on its expertise and know-how in film making and in coating processes. New customized foils, chemicals and services for various industrial applications, such as the graphic arts, wastewater treatment, batteries, electrolysis and fuel cells, and petrochemistry are produced in Agfa's state-of-the art film manufacturing facilities.
Agfa's high-quality synthetic paper Synaps™, as well as Agfa's membranes for the large scale production of hydrogen, Zirfon® Perl, are some fine examples of new promising products.