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Agfa’s photovoltaic (PV) backsheet portfolio includes a range of polyester types that has been successfully marketed for years as core PET towards converters in the PV industry. The ARZONA backsheet family of products counts both coated and hybrid structures which use ARZONA PET as their core.

The ARZONA portfolio follows the concept of asymmetric backsheet structures for two reasons. The first is that due to their respective position in a solar module, the cell layer and the air layer of a backsheet are challenged totally differently. Secondly, the challenges on air layers strongly vary per each geographic climate and mounting position of the module – desert, moderate or tropical and roof or ground mounted. Using high grade PET with perfectly coated cell side layer, the air side layer of ARZONA products can be composed flexibly in order to best anticipate respective environment requirements.

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In order to optimally capture the sun’s energy and transform it safely, efficiently and sustainably into electrical power, solar PV modules require product components that enjoy some of the world’s most advanced technology. Committed to contribute to a greener globe, Agfa builds on its 100+ years of expertise in chemistry and know-how in polyester manufacturing to meet the needs of the PV industry by offering state-of-art backsheet products.